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"Success Breeds Success" 


WELCOME! First we would like to start out by saying: THANK YOU! ( You should also thank the company or person who referred you to this site as well. ) We have the pleasure of assisting many professionals and organizations on the road towards success. We hope that you will find products, services, or tips that will propel you forward towards a prosperous future in your endeavors. We would like to be a part of that future! 

As you can tell, we are a different type of development firm. Our focus is on developing the best plans, with the right resources, for professionals and organizations, from start to finish. We work with each client on planning and implementing their professional and/or organizational goals by providing resources & marketing channels needed to succeed in this ever changing marketplace.


What's new from SMART In Concepts:

The 40/40 Challenge - Road to Inc!

We are looking for businesses, nationwide, who want to answer the challenge of seeking recognition on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in the World list in your industry in the 2016-2017 Inc Conference. This challenge will not only benefit you, but also guarantee in-depth innovative leadership training, accountability coaching, solution response, business credit building and much more! We will be attending Inc & Business Insider events during the process to enhance your network with quality people. The 40/40 Challenge has two unique entry programs created and designed from a combination of our award-winning "Continuous Solution Development" services, Inc. Magazine Resources & Tools, Microsoft, Google, Lean Sigma, Harvard Business Review, Hoover Online, and many more partners. Are you up for the challenge? 



Latest event/cause that our company proudly sponsors:

Helping Inspire Future Writers as Readers

Giving Back to The Community Series ” powered by SMART Purpose. This month, we are supporting Mrs. Epps's "Literally Literacy" at Kiln Creek Elementary School in Newport News, VA. This part of Newport News, VA is an moderately impoverished community. 

By donating to Mrs. Epps project, "Literally Literacy" students will literally be provided with 250-310 hours of literacy support, that is on their level, per week. These materials will be used an average of 1000-1240 hours per month! When coupled with small group instruction, these students will be well on their way to meeting and surpassing the end of year benchmarks. We believe every business can afford to support their community.


Complete Solutions 




Why do you need a plan? 

Even if you have a pretty solid idea of where you’re headed, you still need a structured written plan from unbiased sources. You can make anything look good on paper, but having an outside expert will provide a better understanding of the knowledge it takes to be successful with your idea or organization. 

We can be your expert planners, in over 10 critical areas, towards maximizing your success...

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Do I need a development team? 

Taking your plans and putting them in action is the most important thing, but it's the hardest part! Even if you have a staff, making them wear multiple hats slows down their productivity. We can fill in these blanks without the burden of addtional employee benefits & taxes. 

We can work with you on finding the right resources towards executing a successful plan for a maximum return on your investment

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How do I generate a  million dollars in revenue?

Fortune, Forbes, & Inc 5000 top organizations understand the importance of Continuous Implementation & Innovative development. 

We can be your lifetime innovational development partner for guaranteed success on the road ahead. Not every organization  makes millions, but they still can grow, each day, to the next level.

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The Core Keys of Our Clients Success


Our Development Process - 


The most important thing in accomplishing anything in life or business is setting a plan... Read More


In order for a plan (product or services) to become an accomplishment, you must deploy actions tasked towards the milestones you set... Read More


Once you've implemented your plan, you must make sure that you and your team fully understand how to use the plan, product or service towards real success... Read More


Even when a project, product or service is successfully planned, deployed and taught, it still needs to be maintained

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Principle Concepts of Innovation - 


Knowledge communicated or received concerning a particular fact or circumstance... Read More


An instance of apprehending the true nature of a thing, especially through intuitive understanding...Read More


The capacity for learning, reasoning,understanding, and similar forms of mental activity... Read More


The act of implementing,  or putting into effect fulfillment.  To put into effect according to procedure  ... Read More